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Notary in London


Notarial Certifications

  • Notarial certifications with in-person signature

  • Certified copies of personal documents (passport, identity card, study or professional certificates, residence certificates)

  • Multilingual notarial certifications

  • Certified copies of corporate documents (articles of association, minutes, certificates of validity)

  • Certified copies of contracts


Apostille and consular services

  • Standard or fast 24 hour Apostille service at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

  • Legalization service at foreign consulates based in London.

  • Authentication of signatures (powers of attorney, affidavits, deeds and contracts)

  • Equivalence of educational qualifications and professional qualifications

  • Translation Services (English, Greek, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic, Russian, Chinese)


Powers of attorney and corporate documents

  • General and special powers of attorney

  • Contributions of movable and real estate

  • Chamber of Commerce certificates of Italian and English companies

  • Drafting and review of minutes and powers of attorney

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