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Who we are


The international law firm  ITALIAN CONSULTANTS has its headquarters in London and provides consultancy and representation activitiesrepresentation in court in criminal matters throughout the English territory and in Italy.
Consulenti Italiani boasts consolidated experience in defense in proceed
ings relating to serious crimes:
Proceedings before the Crown Court and Magistrates Court and 24 hour police interviews


  • Crimes against the person (murder, GBH etc.)

  • Sexual crimes (rape, sexual assault, indecent images etc.)

  • Unjustified possession of weapons (possession of weapons etc.)

  • Financial and corporate crimes (serious fraud, conspiracy to defraud, HMRC fraud, money laundering etc.)

  • Crimes involving drugs (production, possession with intent to supply, international trafficking etc.)

  • Juvenile criminal justice (youth crime)

  • Defense of injured parties (private prosecution)

  • Prison law (parole hearings and transfer of prisonersand execution of the sentence abroad)

  • Organized Crime (conspiracy, serious crime)

  • Road crimes (motoring)

  • extradition (active and passive)

Italian lawyers in London
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